North Charlotte Toyota Dealer Presents Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles on the Market

Looking for a new fuel-efficient vehicle? Shoppers will find some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market at leading North Charlotte Toyota dealer, Toyota of North Charlotte.

Toyota of North Charlotte, a leading North Charlotte Toyota dealer, is pleased to introduce five recently introduced vehicles that offer an average combined fuel economy of 44 mpg. As gas prices continue to rise, more and more customers are making fuel-efficiency a top priority in their new vehicle. Toyota trumps the competition with five out of the top 10 EPA-rated Fuel Sippers for 2012.

Shoppers looking for some top fuel-efficient vehicles will find the Camry Hybrid LE, Camry Hybrid XLE, Prius v, Prius Plug-in, and Prius c at the leading North Charlotte Toyota dealer.

These models represent a broad range of leading-edge drivetrain and innovative engineering technologies that allow them to accomplish the highest levels of efficiency. Hybrid Synergy Drive, extended electric vehicle range, generous use of lightweight high-strength steel, a focus on aerodynamics, and the use of efficient Continuously Variable Transmissions have all helped to create some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market.

North Charlotte Toyota Dealer Offers Top Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

North Charlotte ToyotaThe five new models topping the list of fuel-efficient vehicles already execute a 12-precent improvement in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and a 10-percent improvement in U.S truck CAFE over the past five years. Toyota remains dedicated to a long-term plan to bring advanced technology to the industry and to continue producing the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market.

North Charlotte Toyota shoppers will enjoy the impressive mpg provided by each fuel-efficient model. The 2012 Prius c is ranked 1st with 53 city and 46 highway mpg. In 2nd is the 2012 Prius with 51 city and 48 highway mpg. 4th place is held by the 2012 Prius v, which achieves 44 city and 40 highway mpg. The Camry Hybrid LE and the Camry Hybrid XLE took 7th and 8th place respectively, with the LE achieving 43 city and 39 highway mpg and the XLE accomplishing 40 city and 38 highway mpg.

For more information on fuel-efficient vehicles or pricing and availability, visit Toyota of North Charlotte online at or call 888-475-3924 today!

North Charlotte Toyota Dealer Presents Impressive Inventory

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