Find fuel efficient used cars in Charlotte at Toyota of North Charlotte!

Gas prices have continued to rise over the years. The state of the economy has prompted many North Charlotte families to look for cars that offer different fuel options. In fact, since last year Toyota Prius sales have increased 97%. Toyota has been able to keep up with consumer demand for fuel efficient used cars in Charlotte. Many of the used Toyota Prius in Charlotte are available at a great price at Toyota of North Charlotte!

used Toyota in CharlotteThere are a few cars in the N Charlotte Toyota Prius family for you to check out. These used cars in Charlotte boast the best fuel efficiency out of our Toyota inventory. Many of the used Toyota Prius cars get anywhere between 40 to 53 mpg! This will save you time and money at the gas pump. Busy NC families don’t have time to constantly be stopping for gas after grocery shopping, soccer practice and many other errands.

While the used Toyota Prius in Charlotte varies by model year, we can tell you about some of the features and technology you can expect. For example, Toyota only manufactures hybrid cars with the Hybrid Synergy Drive. This hybrid technology keeps the used Toyota Prius in Charlotte very quiet and very powerful. Some of the newer used models come equipped with the Display Audio system and Navigation. If you’re luck you might even find a used Toyota Prius in Charlotte with Entune! This technology is worth seeking out on a used car in Charlotte. It provides convenient access to applications through your car! Things like Pandora and OpenTable are easily assessable with the touch of your finger. Some used cars in Charlotte will have Entune, but not all will!

Almost all of the used Toyota Prius in N Charlotte have the Toyota Star Safety System. This system was designed to integrate luxury grade safety into affordable cars. Toyota combined six of the best technologies like Smart Stop and Vehicle Stability into one system to keep you safe in case of an accident.

Toyota is one of the most durable car manufacturers in America. Buying a used car in Charlotte is a no brainer with the Toyota Certified used program! Put your trust into Toyota of North Charlotte and we will deliver. The used cars in Charlotte we put on our lot have been inspected by Toyota certified technicians. We don’t sell used cars in Charlotte without an inspection or a CarFax report for our customers to look it.

Also, buying a used car in Charlotte is much better for your bank account. The economy has been difficult on many people. Toyota of North Charlotte doesn’t want to burden you with forcing a new Toyota car near Charlotte purchase. Our sales specialists always help you stick within your budget. Whether it’s a new car or a used car in charlotte that fits, we are sure we can find a car for you.

Visit Toyota of North Charlotte in Huntersville, off of I-77! We are ready to find you a used car in Charlotte that will work for your family and your budget.

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