Toyota of North Charlotte offers used hybrid cars!

Hybrid cars, especially the N Charlotte Toyota Prius, are extremely popular this year! Toyota of North Charlotte has seen plenty of new Toyota Prius fly off of the lot. Particularly, the used Toyota Prius in Charlotte. Finding a used hybrid car may seem difficult. But if the used hybrid car you want is a Toyota Prius, then we are the first place you should look!

used Toyota Prius in CharlotteOur used hybrid cars are extremely reliable. The N Charlotte Toyota Prius has had recording breaking sales this year across the nation, and it wasn’t just by luck. Toyota is the second most reliable car in the United States, according to Consumer Reports. In fact, the 2012 Toyota Prius c is the most reliable car of 2012 –also named by Consumer Reports. So what’s stopping you from checking out a used Toyota Prius in Charlotte?

Hybrid Synergy Drive is what you’ll find under the hood in each used Toyota Prius. This Toyota technology hasn’t changed –it’s only gotten better over the years. The motor that powers the used Toyota Prius in Charlotte is extremely quiet. That’s thanks to an electric motor. The Hybrid Synergy Drive determines how much power you need to use depending on your speed. For example, if you’re driving through a school zone the electric motor will take over flawlessly. There is no need to tell your used Toyota Prius which engine it needs to draw from. The gasoline engine will kick in at higher speeds. If you’re speeding up to merge onto I-77, chances are your gasoline engine will be doing the work. This is all thanks to Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. No need to switch over engines. Let your used Toyota Prius in Charlotte do the work.

One thing that hasn’t changed on the used Toyota Prius is the sporty design. As of right now, there hasn’t been any big design change since the Toyota Prius debuted. There is talk of a redesign coming to the 2014 model, but that is still speculation. As of right now, the Toyota Prius, used and new, is very sporty. It sits relatively low to the ground like a normal car and has a rear spoiler that gives it a sporty look. The panels have always been shaped the same and the back antenna tops it all off.

If you think a used Toyota Prius in Charlotte is perfect for you, check out our used cars at Toyota of North Charlotte! We have reliable used cars that are affordable. We don’t try and get you to sell your arm and leg for a car that won’t run. Each used car comes with a CarFax report. This way our customers know exactly where a car came from and the history behind it. We will have inspected each and every car. If it’s up to standards, it can be sold. If it’s not, then we don’t release it to our customers.

Visit Toyota of North Charlotte today, off of I-77 in Huntersville. We look forward to seeing you!

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