Find used luxury cars at Toyota of North Charlotte!

Many people love luxurious cars but may not always have the cash for one. At Toyota of North Charlotte we bring plenty of options to the table. We have used luxury cars in Charlotte! Don’t buy brand new if it’s going to be too much of a strain every month. You can have what you want and we are here to help you do it. You’ll find great models like the used Toyota Land Cruiser and even the used Toyota Sequoia at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership!

used Toyota Sequoia in CharlotteThe used Toyota Sequoia in Charlotte is a great family-friendly SUV. It’s known for being reliable and big enough to fit all families. Most used Toyota Sequoia have a very sporty design. It always depends on what year you’re looking at. If you’re looking at a newer model you’ll most likely see running boards, roof racks and possibly side rocker panels. It lends this SUV to a sporty but modern look. It’s definitely something we think Dad will like. It has off-road capabilities, if you’re willing to take a trip into the mountains.

The interior trims also vary, but chances are you’ll find easy-clean fabric seats or leather. This used Toyota in Charlotte is an SUV that was built on luxury, so even if the model you’re looking at is a little older chances are the technology is much more advanced than another car released in the same year. Cruise control and an AM/FM radio with a CD player are the basics in most used Toyota Sequoia in Charlotte. The seating also varies by model, so this SUV will fit seven or eight passengers. Part of the fun in buying a used car in Charlotte is going on a hunt through each and every model!

Toyota of N Charlotte financing There is another luxury SUV that you’ll want to try and find used. The used Toyota Land Cruiser is one of a kind.  They can be slightly harder to find, because many people don’t like giving up their Toyota Land Cruiser. It only comes in one model, so depending upon the year you find will reveal the features. Each year, Toyota upgrades the features in the Toyota Land Cruiser near Charlotte. If it is an older model, you might find a 6-disc CD player and maybe a DVD entertainment system. If you can remember the technology that was new for that year, chances are the Toyota Land Cruiser will have it!

When you’re ready to find a newer car than you already own, visit Toyota of North Charlotte! If you’re worried about financing, we are here to reassure you. We have a staff of finance specialists who personalize deals for each customer. We don’t group everyone into the same category. We understand everyone has different financial situations. N Charlotte Toyota has plenty of financing for everyone!

But you’ve got to come in for a visit to see your financing options. We don’t want you to pre-judge your own credit –that’s what we are here for. Visit us in Huntersville, off of I-77 today!

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