Find used cars full of technology at Toyota of N Charlotte!

Many N Charlotte families are looking for a newer car with a tighter budget. At Toyota of North Charlotte, we can help you out. We have a great selection of used cars in Charlotte and many of them are packed with technology. No matter if you’re looking for a used Toyota in Charlotte or any type of used car, chances are you’ll find a great deal right on our lot!

used Toyota in Charlotte

The used Toyota Corolla is at Toyota of N Charlotte!

If you’re looking for a used car in Charlotte with some great technology you’ll need to look at more recent models. For example, you can find used Toyota Corolla in Charlotte from the 2011 model year. This is one of the more common used cars on our lot! It’s a sporty compact and if it’s only one year old, you’ll find a great deal of savings and still get the technology you want. The Toyota Corolla in N Charlotte is known for being extremely safe as well. If you can find a 2011 model, you’ll also wind up with the Star Safety System. This system is one of the best on the market and offers protection with six different features. They are designed to keep your car performing as best as it can in an accident. There is also technology to help you in an emergency. The Brake Assist is able to detect an emergency braking situation and will apply the full pressure even if you can’t.

The used Toyota Corolla is also a classic. If you’re looking for reliability you’ll definitely find it in this car. It’s been America’s best-selling compact car –for the past nine years. Even if you’re buying an old used Toyota Corolla, you’re still purchasing an amazing car. It’s also important to note the 2013 Toyota models are on the lot, meaning the 2012 used models will be rolling in!

You’ll also find great technology in the used Toyota Camry! This used Toyota in Charlotte is slightly bigger than the Toyota Corolla. If you have a family, this used car is great for everyone to fit in comfortably. The newer models also come with auxiliary jacks to easily hook up your MP3 player. We know for a fact if you find a Toyota Camry from the 2011 model year, you’ll have an auxiliary jack a CD player with MP3 capabilities. This is more technology than you’ll find in other used cars in Charlotte!

We understand that buying a car is a stressful process and if you’re looking for a used car it might be even more stressful. However, at Toyota of N Charlotte you can take your stress and leave it at the door. We only provide reliable used cars to our customers. You’ll even find Toyota certified used cars on lot. These cars have gone through an inspection that checks 160 different things and comes with a warranty. So if you’re worried about used car in Charlotte lasting for many years to come, feel free to check out the Toyota certified used cars as well.

Ready to find a new car? Visit us in Huntersville, off of I-77. We look forward to seeing you!

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