Toyota of N Charlotte Tips: Get the most mileage out of your used car in Charlotte!

At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we sell new Toyota as well as used cars in Charlotte. Buying a used car from us is much different than buying from a private seller. We are a trustworthy dealership with experienced Toyota technicians, who check out each and every used car that makes its way onto our lot. We don’t put out unreliable cars. Each used car is inspected and has a CarFax report. We don’t hide specs, facts or figures; it’s all available for you to see.used Toyota in NC

When you purchase a used car in Charlotte from Toyota of N Charlotte, you’ll be assured you’re purchasing a quality vehicle. You can also take a look at our Toyota Certified Used Cars in Charlotte. These cars have gone through a rigorous 160-point inspection handed down to us from Toyota. It’s a difficult title for a used car in Charlotte to obtain and these cars have passed the tests! These are the best of the best.

Once you come and shop with us, and take your used car home, there are still service tips you should follow to get the most life out of your car. Since your car has been pre-owned, you won’t have to follow factory maintenance for the first 2,000-5,000 miles. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we also have a car service center, to take care of your maintenance for you. We can provide some tips so you are getting the most out of your used car in Charlotte.used Toyota Matrix for sale

Always have your air filter checked on a regular basis. It’s what helps your engine breathe. If it’s clogged and dirty, your engine isn’t performing its best. This could affect fuel efficiency or how quickly your oil gets dirty. It may also prove to have long-term effects on the engine, which may lead to costly repairs in the future.

Get your used car in Charlotte on a maintenance schedule. At our car service center in Charlotte, we can help you do that. Our service specialists can send you out email reminders when you’re getting close to an oil change, or a mandatory check- up.

Keep your car clean. This is important on the inside and out the outside. If you don’t have your car washed regularly, you can ruin the paint or the protective sealant that protects the paint. Inspect your car on a regular basis for small dings or scratches, so you can keep your eye on the paint job. Keep your dashboard clean and when parking during the summer, always use a sunshade. If your dashboard isn’t clean and protected, over time it will crack.

When you invest in a used car, you want it to last for as many miles as possible! With these tips and some loving care, we have no doubt that your used car will be extremely reliable. If you’re looking for a newer car than you’re currently in, visit us! We are located off of I-77, in Huntersville. See you soon!

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