Find used cars in Charlotte perfect for winter weather!

We are in the middle of winter here at Toyota of N Charlotte! If your car isn’t going to make it through the season, take a look at our used cars in Charlotte that are great performers in winter weather! We offer a great selection of used cars that are tough enough to handle the coldest and snowiest of months.  When we get snow here in N Charlotte your car needs to be prepared! From used Toyota trucks to properly equipped compact cars, we can make sure your car is ready for anything!

used car for saleEveryone deserves a reliable car! Just because your budget is tighter than you’d like, doesn’t mean you can’t get a new car. We believe everyone is worthy of reliable used car in Charlotte, no matter the cost. For used cars that perform in winter weather, take a look at our selection of used trucks! You’ll find the used Toyota Tacoma and used Toyota Tundra in Charlotte!

The used Toyota Tacoma is a great buy! It’s been the best-selling compact truck in America since 2005! The awards and accolades also help give this used Toyota in Charlotte a great resale value. If you purchase a used car in Charlotte it doesn’t mean it’s not a great investment. When you buy a Toyota, you are always making an investment! The used Toyota Tacoma is great for winter as well. It’s a truck, which automatically makes you higher than the snow. Some used Toyota Tacoma also have four-wheel drive — this feature will be sure to get you out of any mess you encounter on snowy roads! As for the engine, it will depend specifically upon the truck. However, we know from experience that you’ll find either a 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine or a 4.0-liter V6. If you’re looking for a smaller truck, you’ll find a smaller engine. If you want full towing power, we suggest you look for a bigger used truck equipped with a towing package! Our sales specialists will be able to help you find a used Toyota Tacoma in Charlotte that fits your requirements!

used Toyota Tacoma in CharlotteIf you are looking for a bigger truck, you can check out the used Toyota Tundra in Charlotte! This Toyota is known for its towing power! Recently, a Toyota Tundra towed a space shuttle! It was quite the feat! You can have a used Toyota Tundra in your driveway at an affordable price. The Toyota Tundra has also been an award-winning truck. In 2012 it was awarded Highest Retained Value in its class by IntelliChoice. Just like the used Toyota Tacoma, you are making an investment when you purchase a used Toyota Tundra in Charlotte. Along with its value comes winter preparedness. Some Toyota Tundra have heated outside mirrors as well as windshield wiper de-icers that defrost everything for you! Just be sure to find a model that comes with these features.

Ready to find a used car in Charlotte that is winter ready? Visit Toyota of North Charlotte today! We have plenty of used cars and trucks for you to choose from. Find us in Huntersville, right off of I-77. We look forward to helping you!

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