Toyota of N Charlotte tips: Why should I purchase a used car?

At Toyota of N Charlotte, our goal is get our customers in a newer car than what they are currently driving, without going over budget. For some customers, used cars in Charlotte are the best option. You may have a pre-conceived notion that used cars aren’t worth anything – but we’ve got a few reasons why purchasing a used car should be taken as seriously as purchasing a new Toyota near Charlotte. After reading this, you may even change your mind and take a look at our used cars first!

Find an amazing assortment of used cars!

There are at least three advantages of buying a Charlotte used car. Advantage one: more selection. The economy has been rough on many people, causing them to downsize vehicles. This benefits buyers because there is now more of a selection of used cars in Charlotte than ever before! We also happen to be a large dealership, which is able to provide more inventories. A few years ago you may have gone to purchase a car and noticed the used cars were few and far between – that just isn’t the case anymore. You have just as much of a selection as you would if you were looking at new cars. We don’t want to feel stuck purchasing something you don’t want!

used ToyotaAdvantage two: better durability. Technology is always improving as is the manufacturing and materials in cars. When you purchase a used Toyota, you’re purchasing from the one of the most durable full-line automakers! At Toyota of N Charlotte, we like to say that the best new cars make the best used cars! Also, it is not uncommon for used cars to come with warranties. Even if you aren’t buying a used Toyota, many other manufacturers will just pass on the warranty to the new owner. The new owner can then choose to extend the existing warranty or just keep what’s left. If you’re truly worried about a warranty, you can check out our Toyota Certified Used Car Program. All of these certified used Toyota come with warranties and options to extend them. Just ask us about them!

Save money by purchasing used!

used Toyota in CharlotteAdvantage three: used cars are like new without the huge price tag! At our Toyota dealership, each car is brought back to life by our detailing team. For our Toyota Certified used cars, the detailing goes an extra step and revamps the cars back to factory quality condition. We also think you’d be surprised at how gently worn many used cars are. It always depends on the year and the owner, but most cars that come to us are in great shape! And think of all of the money you’ll save! It’s very easy to get more bang for your buck with the purchase of a used car!

If you’re ready to start your car hunt, visit Toyota of N Charlotte! We have a great selection of cars from new and used; it never hurts to look at both. We are located in Huntersville, right off of I-77 – we hope to see you soon!

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