Get into a perfect car for Spring Break with Toyota of N Charlotte!

Maybe you have the entire road trip planned out, but you don’t have a car to get into! Don’t ruin your spring break by taking your unreliable car. You also don’t have to break the bank when you check out our used cars in Charlotte! We are waiting for the snow to go away and spring break to come. Why not go car shopping? It’s the best way to beat the winter blues and make sure you’re ready for your spring trip!

used Toyota for sale

Get ready for spring break with a new car!

What types of used cars in Charlotte are great for spring break? Well, if you ask us at Toyota of N Charlotte, we’d say any of them! But if you’re venturing out on the road there are a few things you’re going to want from your Charlotte used car:

  • Cargo space
  • Fuel efficiency
  • A great audio system, and maybe navigation
  • Reliability out on the road!

Fortunately, we can help NC drivers with all of the above. If you’re looking for cargo space to fit all of your luggage, then taking a look at the used SUV models is a great idea. One of our personal favorites is the used Toyota RAV4!

The used Toyota RAV4 saves you on gas!

It’s compact enough that you don’t suffer at the gas pump. You also have enough cargo space for all of your friends’ gear. It’s not even a trade off! The used Toyota RAV4 also has sporty accents. From the rear tire cover, to the color-keyed rear spoiler you’ll be driving in style!

used carThere are also bigger used cars in Charlotte. For example, the used Toyota Highlander!  This SUV is sporty and stylish. It’s very sophisticated and we’ve even heard customers describe it as pretty. The model year will determine the features. For example, the 2010 Toyota Highlander will have different features than the 2006. Either way, you’re getting yourself in into a reliable used car that has more than enough cargo space. In fact, the used Toyota Highlander has about 40 cubic feet of cargo space!

Are you the most worried about fuel efficiency? Then you should check out the used Toyota Prius! The used Toyota Prius doesn’t have as much cargo space as an SUV model, but it does provide fewer trips to the gas station. Fuel efficiency is typically a combined 50 mpg – which is incredible on a road trip!

  • Hybrid Synergy Drive is in each and every Toyota Prius
  • It combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor
  • The two motors share responsibility of powering the car, which in return lowers the amount of gasoline you use
  • Hybrid Synergy Drive also switches between the two motors without you having to do it manually

There hasn’t been a better time to get into a used car! Hurry in before the spring break rush and find your perfect model. Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today! We are located off of I-77, in Huntersville – we look forward to seeing you!

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